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Summer Time, Sipping on Sports Drinks, Tooth Erosion…Oh My

https://sp.yimg.com/ib/th?id=JN.HGUHwaEfHSNUem4LGhkg4w&pid=15.1&P=0With summer sports and activities in full swing staying hydrated is very important. You may think you are doing just that when sipping on sports drinks throughout the day. This is way better than drinking sugary sodas all day, right? Unfortunately, not right. A new study shows Gatorade drinks erodes teeth faster than Coke Cola soft drinks do. This doesn’t mean that Gatorade and other sports drinks are necessarily harder on your teeth than are Coke and other sodas. But it may be a surprise to learn that they aren’t any better, either.

“I don’t think everybody realizes how erosive these things are, especially Gatorade and Red Bull, “Leslie A. Ehlen, a student at the University of Iowa School of Dentistry, explains to WebMD. “People need to be aware that all sorts of beverages can be causing dental erosion.”

The university of Iowa researchers covered extracted teeth with nail polish. They left bare two patches on each tooth, one on the enamel and one on the root. Then they dunked the teeth in test tubes filled with regular Coke, Diet Coke, Gatorade, Red Bull, or 100% apple juice. On the enamel, Gatorade was significantly more corrosive than Red Bull and Coke. Red Bull and Coke, in turn, were significantly more corrosive than Diet Coke and apple juice.

Gatorade is 6% carbohydrates, mostly sugars. Coke is about 10% sugar. Both are acidic beverages. However, there is no evidence showing that sports drinks are any worse than other soft drinks.

In conclusion, what matters most isn’t which beverage people drink. It’s how and when they drink it. “A lot of things can cause [cavities], including sugared drinks. It is the way they are taken that is most important,” says University of Michigan pediatric dental researcher Michael Ignelzi, DDS, PhD. “The frequency of exposure is key. If you sip a Pepsi all day, that is very harmful. But if you are taking any sweet or carb – cheese puffs, bread, raisins – if you take it during meals, it is a good thing. Because the saliva stimulated by your chewing buffers the acid. But if you are constantly snacking on sweets or sipping a sweet beverage, your teeth are exposed to acid all day long.”

With this information, you ask the question, “How can I replace electrolytes without drinking Gatorade or other sports drinks?”  Electrolyte replacement can make the difference between finishing a marathon and being transported to a hospital in critical condition halfway through the race. Electrolytes are small ions, or charged particles, that are essential for nerve and muscle function. During strenuous exercise, electrolytes are depleted and lost through sweat. Signs of electrolyte depletion include weakness, confusion and even death. Gatorade, a sport drink, was developed to replenish the body’s electrolytes, but you can replace electrolytes in other ways.

The most common electrolytes lost through physical activity are sodium and potassium, both of which are readily available in common foods. Sodium is found in nuts, nut butters, cheese, green olives, crackers, breads, meats and processed foods. Good sources of potassium include milk, bananas, raisins, green leafy vegetables and oranges. By consuming a small snack consisting of foods from these two groups, you can easily replace your body’s electrolyte stores during or just after exercise.

“Gatorade Tough on Teeth?” WebMD Health News, by Daniel J. DeNoon, March 9 2006


Spry and Xylitol

Strait Smiles Family Dentistry is pleased to be a provider of Xylitol and Spry products.

Why xylitol? While most sugars are not good for teeth, xylitol, a naturally occurring sweetener is an exception! In fact, using xylitol may lessen the chance of getting cavities and keep your gums healthier too! This is why Strait Smiles recommends you use Xylitol and Spry products.

We currently carry chewing gum, mints, candy, toothpaste and toothgels, nasal spray, and mouth rinse. We also have a pre-packaged, 30-day supply for Gum Lovers, Mint Lovers, and Candy Lovers.

For those with Dry Mouth issues xylitol has been clinically shown to help provide moisture and stimulate saliva. These delicious and effective products are easy to use and will provide immediate dry mouth relief. We carry a 30-day supply pack for Dry Mouth relief as well.

For more information on the health benefits of xylitol please visit www.xylitol.org. Please stop at Strait Smiles purchase your supply of xylitol products.